About Us

Integrated Corporate Solutions (ICS) is a consulting firm that provides a nontraditional alternative for all your traditional business needs. We are dedicated to providing solutions for entrepreneurs, for profit businesses and non-profit organizations. Our full line of advisory and compliance services help you own your business from start to finish.

We value entrepreneurship and that is why we make it our mission to help you streamline and simplify the complexities of starting, owning and maintaining your own business.   Our proven systems help research, develop and implement sound growth strategies to help you create a viable business that works for you and impacts your prospects.

Whether you are a startup, existing business or still trying to figure out if you want to create an LLC, C-Corp, 501c3 or any other business entity, we have the roadmap to help equip you with the right information and support you need to stay stress free while taking your business to the next level. Our comprehensive business services help you stay in compliance as well as focus on your business and not get trapped inside of it.

Your success is our business! Click here to schedule your complimentary 15 minute consultation with James Rounds.