Business Development

Integrated Corporate Solutions works with entrepreneurs and business owners (with up to 100 employees) to help them Start, Build, Grow and Profit within their business and to develop better systems to make their businesses more efficient and sustainable.

By working alongside business owners to help them focus on their purpose, priorities become clear. The right people create leverage for the business owner; they have room to breathe again. Consistent process allows an owner to focus only on the outliers, and let their team handle the routine. Results become more predictable. With performance measures in place, business owners know the engine is running smoothly, and where they should spend their time.

These services are delivered through our Business Development Program which is a customized solution for your business that involves regularly scheduled meetings, homework assignments (both for you and for our advisors) and accountability. This process allows us to focus on the areas that are most important to you while ensuring that we are making progress toward your business goals featuring some of the services mentioned below.


Concept Research and Development Services

Having trouble converting your business idea into a viable concept?

Need help coming up with the right words to describe your business idea?

If you are thinking of developing a new business concept or about just investigating the feasibility of your new business idea, let Integrated Corporate Solutions take the hard work off your hands with our unique Concept Research & Development Service. Based on your individual needs, we help you to determine how to best approach the development of your new business idea and align you with key resources to make it happen.


How Our Concept Research & Development Services Works

The role of Integrated Corporate Solutions (ICS) is to take a business concept or initial idea that an individual or an organization has, research it for viability and then develop it into a viable business summary- complete with action steps. Our extensive network and wide range of expertise affords us ability to research and develop a wide variety of ideas across a wide range of industries and service groups. For a reasonable fee, we will to provide you with a functional business summary and/or an up-to-date research report that can later be used to write a more comprehensive business plan. We also provide operational and infrastructure guidance to ensure that the proposed organization is prepared to operate as a structured business (i.e., a Corporation, LLC or otherwise), and follow up to ensure that the business’ development continues. This service helps to save you both time and money.

For an estimate or to speak with our Expert Business Advisor, complete and submit our Concept Research & Development Questionnaire

Strategic Planning Sessions

Great business strategy isn’t just for big businesses and Fortune 500 companies. It’s for any organization which has a vision, a clear mission, and a purpose for growing. At ICS we’re helping entrepreneurs and businesses and non-profit organizations throughout the United States create, empower and execute better business strategies for driving sustainable growth.

All businesses have some sort of Strategic Plan, but as is the case with most small businesses the Strategic Plan exists only in the owner’s head. ICS can facilitate a strategic planning session(s)that can help get that plan on paper and enable your entire team to not only know the plan but to also become engaged in the continued development of the business. By getting that plan down on paper (and out of the owner’s head), the whole team can begin to work together from a clear thought-out plan and also but also provide feedback and help process adjustments along the way. Succession Planning, Leadership Development and Exit Planning are all part of our process.

Isn’t it time to put all of your hard work towards actually growing a profitable and sustainable business?

The ICS Business Strategy Sessions can help you create a comprehensive Strategic Plan complete with individualized KPIs and goals to lead your organization to the next level of performance. The plan will provide a three to five year roadmap to guide your organizational development and help eliminate the chaos that can result from poor (and NO planning).

Our strategic planning process will take into consideration a number of critical factors associated with the service business including:

  • Development of Core Business Model
  • Analysis of the state of the organization, performance gaps and areas for improvement
  • Market conditions that impact growth and service demand
  • Listing of Resource requirements to meet projected business goals
  • Staff training, Procedures and Policies development initiatives
  • A review of the Product/Service offering portfolio
  • Service tools and systems to enhance efficiency and productivity
  • And more…


Our Approach

ICS strategists will facilitate meetings, conduct research, identify requirements and gather the necessary data to help develop a clear strategic plan for your organization. We also create the planning documents and provide an executive presentation to communicate the strategy to senior management and the staff.


Business Plan Development

Integrated Corporate Solutions (ICS) is a full-service provider of business development solutions for new and expanding small businesses. We write custom business plans for entrepreneurs and businesses for nearly every scenario, including:



A feasibility plan evaluates the viability your business idea. It outlines the costs to develop the start-up, a product/service description and a brief market analysis summary. Basically, it examines whether the venture is worth pursuing.


An operations plan is an internal plan that is usually not meant for investors or clients, but for the owner and employees only. It details the inherent procedures, policies and systems within the business and can also detail different employees’ responsibilities.


This is the most common type of business plan. A start-up plan details the core business model and its structure and outlines all of the things (key resources) that you need to do to begin the business.


In need of funding for a new or existing business? Investors not only want to know the costs, but also details about the execution- how you will pay their money back. Our business plans have helped raise millions of dollars in funding for entrepreneurs and investors alike.

The need for a business plan is unique to your situation, and ICS writes and designs custom business plans tailored to the needs of each entrepreneur and existing business.

Our goal is to provide you with the document necessary to solicit support, memorialize your operations or to acquire the funding required to start or grow your new business.

Put our team of expert business advisors to work for you. At ICS, your success is our reward.