Business Plan Questionnaire (Form)

Please complete the following questionnaire. It will help better understand your business’ current needs, development and opportunities. Attach additional sheets as needed.

Your Name:

Proposed Company Name:





1. Describe the product/service your business will offer. Specifically describe what the product/service will do for your customers.

2. How soon will your products/services be available?

3. Where will your business be located? What geographic area will it serve?

4. Will your business be a….(Check all that apply)
New businessTake-over of an existing businessExpansion of a current businessNot sure what the business will beOther (describe)

5. What structure will your business be organized as?
Sole proprietorshipC-corporationPartnershipLimited Liability PartnershipLimited Liability CompanyS-corporationNonprofit Corporationnot sure about the business structureother (describe):

6. Why are you going into business? List some financial and non-financial goals.
Financial Goals:

Non-financial Goals:

1. Describe your potential customers (target market) in general demographic terms (such as age, income, and gender).

2. Describe your potential competition.

3. List the differences between your products/services and existing products/services.

4. How does your product/ service prices compare to the competition?
Higher (at a Premium)Same (Comparable)Lower (Discounted)Not sure

5. How do you plan to advertise your product/ service?

6. Describe your future customers, expansion goals and future products.

1. Describe your educational background and managerial experience in this type of business. Include all types of related experiences. ATTACH A CURRENT RESUME.

2. Which records have you thought about using to control your business?
PayrollSales/Accounts receivablesInventoryPurchases/ Accounts payablesComputer software packageOther (describe):

Equipment and Inventory
1. What equipment and/or inventory items are required to start and run your business? Attach complete lists, including costs of what you currently own and what you need to purchase or lease.

2. List any potential suppliers or vendors of the items that you need for your business.

1. What it the total amount that you believe that you will need to start your business? $

2. To fund the business, approximately what percent of this money will come from:
Personal funds %
Borrow from the bank %
Borrow from family %
Private investors %

3. Are you willing to give up ownership rights in the company in exchange for funding?
If so, how much equity are you willing to give up? %