Corporate Formation

ICS works with business owners to bring their ideas to life. Our expertise in creating specialized business structures has landed us in various companies around the United States. We have helped trucking companies to real estate tycoons renew, realign and reposition themselves at the forefront of their business.

With our expert guidance, we can help you form your LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp, Nonprofit Organization, Family Partnership, or any other business entity that matches your specific needs.  Our comprehensive package helps keep your business in compliance on every level. Below is a list of things we cover in our packages:

  • Entity structure
  • Agreements, bylaws, and filings with the state
  • Managing Member Interests
  • Creating a 501C(3) Organization or Private Foundation
  • Choosing which state to establish your home office in

For a consultation regarding your business idea, product idea or compliance issue(s), schedule an appointment to speak with an experienced business development specialist today.