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Corporate Business Credit 2.0

We have partnered with one of the industry’s leading experts in corporate credit building to being you a comprehensive self-paced credit building program- Corporate Business Credit 2.0- for your new or existing business. Using this comprehensive business credit building program you can work at your own pace and not have to rely upon any third party to do the work for you.
The goal of our corporate credit program is to naturally develop a credit profile using the corporate Tax ID number rather than the owner’s social security number. This separates your personal credit from your business credit. By developing a healthy credit profile for your business you are able to conserve cash while building a corporate credit profile and also keep your company out of “no credit / high risk” and “high interest” categories, saving you money.
With the use of our business credit building program you can easily establish your credit identity with multiple reporting agencies. This allows for more and more credit to be developed and obtained as your business grows. It also eliminates the need for you, the business owner, to have to serve as a personal guarantee when borrowing money or applying for vendor accounts, credit lines and/or loans under your corporate Tax ID number.

Guaranteed Business Credit

Corporate Business Credit 2.0 is simple and effective and has been proven to work time and time again. We have created a comprehensive business credit building program where you can work at your own pace and not have to rely upon any third party to do the work for you. If you follow our instructions to the letter, your business will be able to obtain and build credit as outlined in the program. On average, our clients are able to obtain $50,000 to $500,000 in credit for their business. Four to 6 months is typically how long it takes before true corporate credit profiles have been created, however, by following our step by step instructions, you can often complete the process in as little as 2 to 4 weeks. You can enjoy all of the benefits of the program right away. With the help of this comprehensive easy to follow program, you will be able to build a credit score so that you can approach lenders to obtain a loan when/if needed. ICS is not a lender or creditor and, therefore cannot guarantee you any specific amount of money. Again, since we are not the lenders we do not guarantee the amounts the lenders will loan you, so the figures here are for example purposes only.


Program Summary

One of the first steps in building corporate credit with our program is to check business compliance. This all depends on what type of business you operate and where it is. These are Federal, State as well as local compliance requirements. You complete the welcome packet, perform the requested tasks, and provide the references as required. The compliance checklist can be anywhere from 250 to 1,000 points, making it impossible to provide any definitive list to our customers on our website. So, we will proceed once we have received your completed application.
Secondly, we have verified the requirements for each of the major credit bureaus. Once the credit bureaus know who you are, your credit profile can be developed. The following is a list of some of the agencies that we work with:


• D&B™
• BusinessCreditUSA™
• Equifax™
• Experian Business™
• ClientChecker™
• FDInsight™


Once we have completed your government and credit bureau compliance checks, you can start to list your business with the credit bureaus, which then starts the establishment of your new credit profile – separating your personal credit from your business. Being listed with the credit bureaus can take some businesses years and even those that have been around for a long time may still not be listed with any of the major business credit bureaus.


Most of our clients report back over a 90% satisfaction rate with our business credit program. Integrated Corporate Solutions is a leader in small business development solutions. Call our specialists today at 626.824.0399.


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