Meet James Rounds

James Rounds is the founder and chief strategist of Integrated Corporate Solutions, a business development and advisory services firm which specialized in helping entrepreneurs negotiate the start-up phase and increase their impact. With more than 20 years of experience in small business development, James has helped to create more than 1,400 new businesses and helped form more than 120 nonprofit organizations while dealing with organizations with up to 150 employees. His hands-on approach and multi-faceted experience has positioned him as an expert advisor and go-to source for all tins business including funding support, organizational structure, entity formation and strategic planning.

James is currently the Chairman and program director of his own charity, One on One Fitness & Training, Inc., a Pittsburgh-based non-profit whose mission is to improve the lifestyles of underserved communities with an emphasis on fitness and nutrition. He also sits on the board of three other nonprofits where he provides outreach guidance and assists with program design and training.

 James also remains active in the community by serving as a technical assistance provider for local business development organizations using his experience in launching, building and sustaining for–profits and non-profit organizations and programs to help other aspiring entrepreneurs to do the same. James’ foremost aspiration is to develop a functional business incubator with its own sustainable ecosystem.

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