Speaking Engagements, Workshops and Talks

James Rounds hosts a wide variety of talks and workshops on location and through our Meetup group(s) here in the Greater Pittsburgh area. We invite local professionals, motivational speakers and business educators to give motivational, educational and inspirational talks.  By molding together his interests, life experiences, and unique background, James has formed an elite business development firm. His passion is driven by the opportunity to work with other individuals who are ready for a shift, a breakthrough and an opportunity to get the guidance they need in taking their business ideas to the next level. See our calendar of upcoming events.

If you are interested in having James or one of our other industry specific presenters come to your facility or give a presentation to your entrepreneur group or office, please use the contact form below to provide answers to the questions about your interest and specifications. Your answers will help us to understand your specific group needs and to ensure that we properly represent your interests in our marketing material.

If you are interested in becoming a presenter at one of our groups or in joining our network of professional speakers, you may also indicate your desire below. Our main requirement is that your talk be informative, business-related and applicable to small to medium size businesses and not a sales presentation. We do allow room for individual speakers to present and otherwise market their products/services but outside of their original presentation.  Contact us to further details.

To be considered for either of the above, please take a moment to fill out the questions below and we will get back to you within 48 hours. Once we approve of your presentation and receive the requisite information, we will then discuss available dates and other such details with the presenter.

Thank you for your interest in our speaking engagements, workshops and talks. We look forward to working with you and your group to deliver value-added information.

Business Plan Writing Workshops

Having a sound Business Plan helps open up a number of opportunities for funding, partnerships and continues business growth. Writing a business plan forces you to take an objective inside-out look at the behind-the-scenes components of the business and enables you to quickly address areas of weakness and capitalize on your strengths.

ICS facilitates several hands-on 4-6 week Business Plan Writing Workshops throughout the year wherein Participants are guided through the process of writing a business plan and creating a pitch deck that is specific to their needs. Participants will also get a chance to learn and practice some of the hard and soft skills associated with presenting their plan and finding funding. Throughout the workshop, Participants will have the opportunity to practice presenting their plan to fellow attendees before having the opportunity to pitch to a group of area business people, investors and leading industry experts at the conclusion of the workshop.

Our workshops feature input from various business development experts including, branding, marketing, web development, accounting, business law and finance who make themselves available to advise Participants on the content of their respective parts and to also address any questions that Participants may have about a particular problem or issue within their business.

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Business Education Classes

ICS frequently speaks before local groups and institutions on various business topics including, Strategic Planning, Business Development, Marketing, Business Model Development, Business Funding, Networking, and a host of other topics of interest to entrepreneurs. We are frequent guest speaker at area Meetup Groups and often present topics catered to specific groups and addresses business challenges on our popular Roundtable format for entrepreneurs at nearly stage of the business. Our primary aim is to education, inspire and grow entrepreneurs in business.

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